Don’t let another day go by before your family, finances and future are taken care of with a personalized funeral plan.

Reasons to Give the Gift of Pre-Planning

1. Reduce stress for family

Pre-planning your wishes will help lift the burden from your family by relieving the decision-making pressure at a time of grief and emotional stress. This will allow your family and friends to focus on celebrating your life and begin the grieving process.

2. Let your wishes be known

With pre-planning, you can be sure that your family and friends are informed about your wishes. Whether it is a cremation service, graveside service, or a celebration of life event, have friends and family share your memory the way you want to be remembered.

3. Make financial arrangements

Whether you want to prepay for services or simply have your wishes documented, considering your financial arrangements will help relieve your family of a financial burden.

4. Protect your money

At Distinctive Life Cremations & Funerals, we have access to many financial tools including irrevocable trusts that can help protect your money against inflation and taxes.

What about life insurance?

Life insurance is a wonderful tool designed to help a family “get back on their feet” following the loss of someone they depend on financially. Life insurance helps pay for medical bills, debts and obligations, and day-to-day living expenses.

Funeral costs can certainly be paid with life insurance proceeds, but this option does not tell the family anything about the wishes of the deceased.

For more information about pre-planning in the State of Texas, the Texas Department of Banking answers many questions related to prefunded, prearranged funeral contacts. Visit today.

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