Unique Memorial Ideas

Restaurant Service

Many family memories are created at local restaurants over food and wine. Have a memorial service for your loved one at their favorite restaurant. Distinctive Life can help you create the perfect memorial service that is unique to your loved one. Share memories at a place that has a special meaning to you and your family.

Golf Course & Country Club Service

Many pastimes can be celebrated at a memorial service. We are experienced in working with country clubs and golf courses to help you and your family organize a service at the place that was close to their hearts.

Butterfly Release

Even the traditional can be celebrated in a unique way. A butterfly release can add a special touch to a service at any location.

Ballpark Service

Sports fans can be honored with a day at the ballpark. Add a personal touch to your church service, with a unique register book; a basketball to be signed by all the guests leaves a lasting memento for family members.

Outdoor Service

Many families love the outdoors. Create your memorial service with an afternoon of fishing, dining and sharing stories at your family’s house on the lake where you and your family spent weekends and summers.

Burial at Sea

Seasonal (June through October) memorial cruises are offered for scatterings. Services may be conducted by your clergy or a representative of your choosing.

Eternal Reefs

Eternal Reefs are permanent living legacies that memorialize the passing of a loved one by helping to preserve and protect the marine environment for the benefit of future generations. An Eternal Reef is a designed reef made of environmentally safe cast concrete that is used to create new marine habitats for fish and other forms of sea life.

Space Flight Services

Space flights place a symbolic portion of cremated remains into Earth orbit, onto the lunar surface, and into deep space. Your loved one will venture into space as part of a real space mission, riding alongside a commercial or scientific satellite.