Unique Memorial Items

Create Your Masterpiece

Celebrate the life of loved ones with an individually designed and crafted cremation urn. Imagine a memento as unique as the life it represents. Contact Distinctive Life to create your masterpiece today.


What inspires the fondest memory of a loved one? Is it an item that was truly unique to them? Is it a symbol of a hobby or a pursuit of passion? Is it an abstract work of art? What is that perfect tribute to an extraordinary life?


Great design is bringing a vision to life. Whether we’re working from an idea, a conversation, a sketch or photograph, a memorial masterpiece is brought to three-dimensional life.


Memorial keepsake urn materials range from ceramic, metals and a variety of composites. The outcome is an exceptional, individually crafted, work of art. A memento as unique as the life it represents.


An authentic diamond created as a memorial to your loved one’s unique and wonderful life.

Your very own LifeGem diamond can be created from the carbon in cremation ashes, a lock of hair, or both.

We also have a full line of cremation jewelry, rings, and pendants to accent your beautiful LifeGem cremation diamond.


Three-dimensional Thumbies are crafted from simple ink fingerprints, footprints or handprints using the time-honored process of lost wax casting. The finished pieces are ever so touchable, making our memories real at each stage of life’s cycle. With a variety of jewelry options for both him and her. You may choose from various styles of charms, rings, pins, earrings, key fobs, tie tacks, and more.

Art Glass

A beautiful memorial alternative for containers or urns. Each piece is individually created and unlike any other. These glass art creations are portable heirloom pieces and a legacy for future generations.

The DNA Memorial

DNA allows heirs the opportunity to track, diagnose and prevent everything from simple skin disorders to terminal cancer. The more familial DNA that is preserved, the more doctors have to work with in genetic medicine. A family’s genetic legacy is valuable in this era of genetics.

Sample DNA is placed inside a sealed sterile vial with content identification. The DNA Memorial may be kept in non extreme conditions and room temperature for future testing.