Distinctive Life is proud to recognize the men and women who have served our country

It is with pride that we provide information our service men and women are entitled to at the time of death. Serving the families of our Veterans is just one way that we can give back to those who have given us everything.

Below we have answered the most frequently asked questions when it comes to working with the Veterans Administration.

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Are there any benefits from the Veterans Administration that will help me cover the cost of the funeral?

There are benefits in place to help you cover a portion of certain services provided by the funeral home. There are also benefits that will cover a portion of the purchase of a private burial space whether it is for a casket or an urn. In most metropolitan cities, Veterans are also entitled to a cemetery space for themselves, their spouse as well as their dependent children.

What services and items does the Veterans Administration provide for the funeral service?

Our Veterans fought under the pride of our flag and for that service each of their families are provided with a United States flag in honor of their service. In most cases, Veterans are honored by active duty Honor Guard or fellow Veterans from the local VFW Honor Guard. This particular ceremony consists of presenting the folding of the flag into the traditional triangle which is then presented to the family, the playing of TAPS as well as the proper shooting of the guns for the salute. The family will also be able to choose the proper headstone for their loved one, which will be placed at the burial space or niche at the National Cemetery, or on the Veterans private burial space.

How do I know how to apply for all of these benefits?

It is often easier to let your funeral director handle all of the requests for benefits. Your Funeral Director will know the right forms, the right time frames and process expectations of the Veterans Administration.

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Bringing family and friends together to share memories and celebrate the life of your loved one is an important part of the healing process and is best served through a personalized ceremony and tribute. The funeral directors at Distinctive Life are able to take care of more than just funeral arrangements. Allow us to handle travel, transportation, food delivery and catering for your event, taking care of every detail, which allows you to focus on what’s important: family.

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