If A Death Has Occurred in the Family

First, we would like to offer you our condolences for your loss. The first hours and days after the passing of a loved one can be exceptionally difficult, and we would just like you to know that the whole staff at Distinctive Life Cremations & Funerals is available to assist you.

Most deaths occur in some kind of healthcare setting, whether it’s a hospice or senior living facility or a hospital. The staff at these facilities is familiar with proper protocol and can help you with the initial necessary steps.

If your loved one passed at home, we encourage you to first notify the deceased’s physician or, if the death was unexpected or suspicious, the police. Then we invite you to call the nearest Distinctive Life Cremations & Funerals location so we can handle the logistics during this difficult time.

People to Immediately Contact


Funeral home

Close family and friends

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This section provides you with the necessary resources needed both before and after death occurs. Subscribe to our newsletter, browse general forms, compare prices and get information on what to do when death occurs. For additional information or questions, please contact one of our funeral directors.

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